Shu Odamura

Shu Odamura is a musician who "resonates with youthful enthusiasm as well as a refined vibe where old world meets contemporary" (Minor 7th). Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, now the New York-based guitarist and composer has been active as a both collaborator and band leader.

Shu received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and came to the United States in 2006. During his years in college, he started performing and recording professionally in the New England area. He began focussing on nylon string guitar with unique finger style technique which became his signature voice. He was honored by the 32nd Annual Jazz Station Awards as the third top acoustic guitarist in the world. 

Soon after his arrival in New York, he became the music director of Watoku Ueno's shadow puppetry group. He started exploring the possibility of collaborating with artists from different genre. 

In 2015 Shu formed his first band, Shu Odamura Trio, with Yoshiki Yamada and Yutaka Uchida. His debut album "Cloud Illusions" was recorded with this band and released on What's New Records. The album was reviewed in All About Jazz, Jazz Life Magazine, and Jazz Japan Magazine.

In 2016 Shu started a new band, Jazz Triangle 65-77, along with Haruna Fukazawa and Aki Yamamoto. Jazz Triangle's first album, "Jazz Triangle" was released on What's New Records in 2017. The band has toured in Japan and performed at the Blue Note New York and Flushing Town Hall.

Beside his jazz performances, Shu has appeared in several musicals in New York including "Infinite While It Lasts" and "Himself and Nora." He has written music for films, chamber ensembles and Jazz big bands.


京都生まれ。NY在住のギタリスト・作曲家。ギブソンジャズギターコンテストに最年少にて出場し審査員特別賞を受賞。 第38回ジャズステーションにてアコースティックギタリスト第2位に選ばれる。ボストンのバークリー音楽大学にてジャズ作編曲を専攻し、在学中にアキヨシトシコ賞を受賞。2016年に初アルバム「クラウド・イリュージョンズ」をワッツニューレコードよりリリース。米オールアバウトジャズを始めジャズライフ、ジャズジャパン各誌に取り上げられ好評を得た。またジャンルを越えたコラボレーターとして、上野和徳氏演出の舞台作品の音楽監督を務めるほか、オフ・ブロードウェイミュージカルへの参加、映画音楽の作曲も手がける。現在はShu Odamura Trioの他、室内楽ジャズトリオジャズトライアングル 65-77や邦楽ジャズデュオKAIにて活動を行っている。



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